Seminar: Know Your Grassroots

On the 1-7th of April, 2019, 23 participants from 11 countries came together for the ‘Know Your Grassroots’ seminar in Kilkenny, Ireland. The seminar took place in collaboration with our member organisation Eco-Unesco. This seminar is part of the ‘Let Grassroots Grow’ project, which will also consist of webinars and a training course ‘Create Your Grassroots’.

During the 5 days, participants learned and built their capacities and knowledge of grassroots movements, methods, structures and how to get involved.

The objectives of the seminar were:

– To define the concept of environmental grassroots projects and their role in fostering youth participation.

– To create a space for peer learning and sharing: exchange of best practices and experiences among youth organisations.

– To define the role of environmental youth organisations in supporting environmental grassroots projects.

– To equip the participants with overview of environmental grassroots movements.

Explore in detail what we did for each day of the seminar below, read some of the testimonials and view our picture gallery: