Nuclear energy: Getting to the Core

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Is nuclear energy an option that will drive Europe towards climate neutrality? This mythical question has been increasingly addressed in recent years in the European political sphere. 

Although the EU has experienced a nuclear disaster (Chernobyl) 35 years ago and for years has undertaken commitments to decrease the production of nuclear energy, the EU still depends on nuclear power for one-quarter of its electricity. Nuclear energy is a recurrent element in the European agenda, which recently is being regarded as an answer to solve the climate crisis.

The public and political debate on energy production, particularly in nuclear energy, is one of the most important conversations of this decade in which the future of humanity is at stake, and making sure that citizens particularly young people are informed about the risks and advantages of nuclear energy is essential to ensure their participation in democratic and free political processes on this issue.

To equip young people with proper knowledge and capacity for active involvement in the debate on nuclear energy issues, YEE will implement a short-term project “Nuclear energy: Getting to the Core”, supported by Heinrich Boll Foundation Europe.


Young people are not so aware and mobilised on issues surrounding nuclear power. We believe that we can help fill this gap by:

  • Spreading knowledge among young people

    on nuclear energy production and waste storage, including on its challenges and threats.

  • Informing and strengthening a debate among young people

    on the limits of production and consumption and how we can live more sustainably.

  • Building a community of informed young leaders

    on energy issues to shape the production strategies of the future.

Project activities

  • Online interactive dialogues

    Online interactive dialogues on nuclear energy will take place throughout the project with the aim of creating an exchanging space between active young environmental and climate activists at the local level and experts and European energy advocates.

    Throughout the project, two webinars will be organised covering topics like the current state of nuclear power energy across Europe, nuclear waste management, the risks of nuclear power, the importance of understanding the uncontrollability factors of nuclear energy, and the need to reduce our energy production and consumption.

  • October 2021

    October 2021

  • December 2021

  • A digital campaign

    A digital campaign targeting young people active in energy and climate-related issues, to raise awareness and understanding of the basic concepts of nuclear energy and its threats.

Contact us

If you have any question about the project, please contact Tetiana Stadnyk at


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The project is being implemented by YEE, supported by Heinrich Boll Foundation Europe

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