#YEEInterviews wants to know your story

What’s your story? Are you carrying out a youth-led sustainability initiative? Are you leading an environmental project or sustainable business? Do you want others to know about your story? If you answered yes, tell us more about your initiative, and let’s arrange an interview! You’ll get an opportunity to be interviewed by the largest independent European network of youth environmental organisations. Exciting, right? 


YEE supports initiatives aiming to increase the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the environment and the awareness of climate issues among youth. YEE encourages the youth to react with positive changes to today’s climate and biodiversity crisis, by taking active action and trying to influence others. That is the main reason why our #YEEInterviews section was born. Storytelling and sharing good examples that we can all follow when it comes to protecting and preserving the environment is an essential part of our work. If you want your voice to be reached among the largest independent European network of environmental youth organisations, this is your opportunity. Check out our interviews here


  • About the interview 

The storytelling campaign #YEEinterviews is aimed on getting to know you and everything about your activity or project, including how you came up with the idea, which challenges you have faced, in which way you are helping to mitigate the climate crisis, what repercussion or feedback you have received, what you have learnt from your experience, and what your next steps are. 

In short, taking part in the #YEEinterviews will make your story be disseminated widely across Europe to strengthen youth environmental activism, increasing youth participation in climate action, supporting youth in social entrepreneurship and inspiring others to kick-off new projects or take part in existing ones. 


  • Who are we looking for? 

We want to hear from motivated and ambitious young Europeans who already started their sustainable businesses, who are leading environmental and social projects, or who want to bring a creative and innovative idea to life. If your story relates to environmental and climate issues, share it with us and we will help you to share it with the world just as we did with Ostia Clean Up, Zero Waste Bulgaria, STAIY, The Ethos Network, or the Library of things Prague


  • How to apply? 

If you have an inspiring story related to youth-led sustainability initiatives, do not hesitate in applying to this open call, we are looking for you. If you think that you are ready for being interviewed by YEE, fill this form and we will contact you soon. Tell us your story! 

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