The climate crisis, young people and democracy | Council of Europe Consultative Meeting

Our European Solidarity Corps Volunteer, Juanan, participated in the Council of Europe’s consultative meeting “The climate crisis, young people and democracy”, which took place from February 16th to 18th 2021.  This event brought together different stakeholders and experts on youth and the climate crisis to reflect on how youth policy should incorporate this crisis and the concerns of young people in its processes.

To reflect the growing concerns with the acuteness of the climate crisis and its impact on the present and future of current young generations, the meeting addressed intersections between the climate crisis and other issues including human rights, democracy, migration, health and participants explored youth policy responses to the climate crisis.

During the meeting, Juanan presented the position and work of YEE to a broader audience of different stakeholders. How did it go? We asked Juanan few questions about the event and his contribution, so keep on reading! 

Could you please tell us a little bit more about the event you attended? What was the main discussion about and how did you contribute?

In particular, I gave an introductory input on the challenges that the climate crisis poses to youth in Europe and all over the world, the importance of showcasing the unheard, and the obstacles that prevent young people from knowing more about the climate crisis and from taking action.

How did you enjoy it? Why did you decide to participate? What was the highlight of the event for you? What did it bring you? 

I really enjoyed taking part in this consultative meeting. It was my first time representing YEE in an external event and I felt very comfortable, it was an excellent way of getting out of my comfort zone. I was also really pleased to listen to the great contributions of the other two speakers, Pegah Moulana, from the Advisory Council on Youth, and Monika Skadborg, from the European Youth Forum.

What’s next? Are there any follow-up actions after this event? Can we expect your participation in any of them?

Eventually, the results of this consultative meeting are expected to become proposals for the youth sector of the Council of Europe and other stakeholders working on these issues. I hope that the urgency of the climate crisis is soon incorporated into all the policy agendas as the situation really requires it, and for sure, I will be happy to speak on behalf of YEE in future events!

Thank you Juanan for your active participation and valuable contribution, thanks also to all the other speakers and Council of Europe for organising such an insightful event! 

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