YEE Liaison Officer on Climate Change named European Climate Pact Ambassador


With the rise of the youth climate movement, YEE plays a tremendous role in connecting youth environmental organisations, leading climate advocacy coalitions, shaping the current climate policies and representing the voice of young people in international decision-making processes. We are delighted to share another success story! Elisha Winckel, YEE Liaison Officer on Climate Change, has been selected among the first European Climate Pact Ambassadors. 

Who are the European Climate Pact Ambassadors and what is actually the European Climate Pact? Let´s take it one step at a time. The European Commission launched the EU Green Deal a year ago as a plan to transform the EU into a sustainable, healthy, equal and prosperous society and to improve the way we interact with the environment. The relevant policy and legislation needed for systemic changes might be there, but we can only succeed if the whole society is involved and contributes actively. And that´s why the European Climate Pact has been launched!

The European Climate Pact provides a space for people to connect and collectively develop and implement climate solutions. The Climate Pact is an open, inclusive and evolving initiative for climate action. By sharing ideas and inspiring each other, we can multiply our collective impact. It invites regions, local communities, industry, schools and civil society to share information about climate change and environmental degradation, and how they tackle these existential threats. Through an online platform and citizen dialogues and exchanges, it will foster the link between the digital and green transition. The goal of the Climate Pact is to offer a space for everyone to share information, debate and act on the climate crisis, and to form an ever-growing European climate movement.

The European Commission first announced the European Climate Pact as part of President von der Leyen‘s Political Guidelines, published in July 2019. Later on, the first Climate Pact Ambassadors have been selected and announced during the online launch event with Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans on 16 December 2020.

The Climate Pact also aims to support the climate action by spreading awareness. Here the role of Climate Pact Ambassadors come in. European Climate Pact Ambassadors inform, inspire and support climate action in their communities and networks. They are coming from different backgrounds, from leaders of European-wide networks, members of grassroots organisations and non-profit organisations, to local governments, think thanks and academia. What brings them together is their passion about climate action and progressive change. Climate Pact Ambassadors are the public face of the Climate Pact. Meet the Ambassadors here. 

We are happy that YEE has it´s representative already among the first selected Ambassadors. Our advocacy officers are doing great job, tracking current climate policy developments, representing the voice of European youth and developing strategic partnerships with key actors to achieve our mission and vision. Elisha Winckel, the Liaison Officer on Climate Change, is no exception! Elisha will represent YEE as European Climate Pact Ambassador and we are more than excited about it. 

This opportunity allows YEE to share our work with a wider network, tie new partnerships, and grow by learning from other actors engaged in the protection of the planet” says Elisha.  Do you feel inspired? The call for Ambassadors is still open, anyone can apply! The idea of the European Climate Pact Ambassadors is to bring public on board with the EU Green Deal. Don´t miss this opportunity, become a change-maker and meet other Ambassadors, including Elisha.  Apply here

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