National Alliance for Sustainable Azerbaijan

We´ve got exciting news from our member “Common Sense Youth Organisation“!  On 22nd February 2021 ‘’National Alliance for Sustainable Azerbaijan’’ was established. What it is and why should you care?

A newly formed National Alliance for Sustainable Azerbaijan unites environmental organisations and eco-activists throughout the country with a single mission – to bring a sustainable future for Azerbaijan.

It aims to protect ecosystem and natural resources, raise awareness on environmental issues, and advocate for a sustainable environment by mobilizing young eco-activists and environmental organisations.

“We believe that united together we can demand concrete actions from government bodies and prevent ecocides from happening in this country” said Orkhan Bayramov, a Project Officer at YEE and an active member of the Common Sense Youth Organisation which played a key role in establishing the National Alliance.

At YEE, we are pleased to see our member organistions growing, implementing new projects and moving towards better future.  Good luck!

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