Addressing the topic of environmental health and climate sustainability through building the capacity of European organisations to work across sectors


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The “Sustainaware: Climate Action going Digital” project aims to integrate education and awareness-raising efforts with tangible societal impact. At its heart, the project fosters collaboration across the youth, health, environment, and digital sectors. It focuses on environmental health and climate sustainability by enhancing organisations’ capacity for cross-sectoral collaboration and ensuring high-quality work. Sustainaware addresses a crucial gap in the EU by strengthening the ability and expertise of youth organizations to collaboratively address climate crisis issues.

Who is the project for?

The “Sustainaware: Climate Action going Digital” project is primarily aimed at organisations working across various sectors, specifically those focusing on:

The objective is to enhance the quality and relevance of their work through cross-sectoral collaboration.


Formally establish the international network Sustainaware as a recognised organisation.

Sensitise at least 10 organisations and engage 100 youth about the scope of the Sustainaware project and the importance of cross-sectoral climate action

Create materials and guidelines focused on cross-sectoral cooperation and organisational learning to strengthen the role and impact of the Sustainaware network.

Design a digital escape room to offer an experiential learning experience on cross-sectoral climate action tailored for youth.

Develop a comprehensive learning toolkit and supportive resource database to enhance the learning process in conjunction with the digital escape room.

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