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YEE’s objective is to raise awareness about the EU elections, their meanings and implications. Nonetheless, as YEE is an independent and non-politically affiliated organisation, we strive to uphold these values in our work on the European elections. Our aim is not to further a specific political view as we do not endorse or represent any political party. In our work, our core focus is youth, the environment and sustainability.

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At the beginning of June, EU citizens are called to the polls to vote for the European Parliament elections. These elections are going to influence the future of the EU for the coming 5 years as well as most policies relating to the environment. 

YEE’s mission is to empower young people around Europe to make a positive change for the environment’s future. Through this project, we aim to focus on how the democratic right to vote is an act of empowerment that can lead to meaningful change in the lives of all Europeans. YEE is calling young people to vote by explaining how their democratic right can shape future political priorities close to the interests of youth, such as the environmental cause. In addition, As a pan-European organisation, YEE aims to connect young people engaged with environmental topics with a key policy actor in the continent, the European Union.


As an organisation focused on youth and empowering the leaders of tomorrow, we believe that raising awareness about the EU elections is key for young people in Europe to empower them and help them drive positive change. By engaging with the 2024 EU elections to amplify the voice of young people around the continent we can shift the priorities towards issues that affect young people. Young people’s priorities are overwhelmingly focused on the environment and climate change, which are at the core of YEE’s work.

Both in 2014 and 2019, people aged between 18-24 were the greatest abstainers in the European elections, which calls for increased efforts to include this key group of society in the policy-making process. However, at the same time, European youth voter turnout increased between the 2014 and 2019 elections by a staggering 50%. This positive result shows that young people are interested in voting, as much as they realise the importance of raising their voices and the opportunities that the elections provide to shape topics at the heart of people’s priorities.

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