#RunForNature | Call for participants

We are losing nature at an unprecedented rate. Globally, one million species are threatened with extinction and the health of the ecosystems on which we depend is deteriorating more rapidly than ever. Europe is no exception, with 81% of protected habitats and 63% of species in the EU having a poor or bad conservation status.


  • Are you interested in taking action to protect the nature?
  • Are you from one of the 27 EU member states?
  • You live in Brussels or a nearby city?

If the answers are yes, then apply to take part in our #Run4Nature event in the context of #RestoreNature project.

What will happen?

27 runners from 27 member states will run approximately 400m, passing each other a symbol of climate change’s impact on nature. At the finish line in front of the Berlaymont entrance, the symbol will be handed to the Environment Commissioner Sinkevičius and Executive Vice-President Timmermans.

When & where?

  •  28th October 2021
  • around the Commission’s Berlaymont building


As the European Commission finalizes its proposal, Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) and WWF European Policy Office are organizing a small relay race around the Commission’s Berlaymont building to highlight that this debate is also about the interests of young people and future generations.

We chose the theme of running to symbolize that we need to make nature “fit” again to reverse biodiversity loss and avert the worst consequences of climate change – preserving the planet for the next generations. The theme of running also symbolizes the benefits that nature restoration has on our health and wellbeing.

How to apply?

Altogether 27 participants will be selected. Please fill out the application here.

The event is organized by the Young and Environment Europe together with WWF European Policy Office.

In case of questions or any further information please contact:

Kristela  Toskaj, Project Lead Restoring EU’s Nature





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