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The Franco-Russian Dialogue on Climate Change is on track and now, what’s next? After gathering participants from Russia and France for an online youth dialogue to share their knowledge and perspectives on climate change, we are bringing you the Franco-Russian Dialogue Blog. The Blog collects young people´s contributions, op-eds,  insights, recommendations and policy suggestions on solving the climate crisis in both countries.

Are you one of the young minds solving climate change? Did you write a good opinion piece or an outstanding academic article on the climate crisis? Share it with us! We are looking for contributions on the key topics of the Franco-Russian Dialogue –  sustainable energy, biodiversity, the Arctic, sustainable cities, environmental and climate issues in France and/or Russia, and the Franco-Russian cooperation on climate change. Are you interested in any of these topics? This is a unique opportunity to present your ideas to the world and the whole YEE audience and to start developing your environmental or journalism career. 

As such, the #FrRuBlog is one of the key elements of the Franco-Russian Dialogue on Climate Change, through which young people are empowered to talk about the issues of the Franco-Russian cooperation on climate crisis mitigation, as well potential improvements in environmental policies for both countries on the national level. Authors of the submissions will not just have their name and work published on the website of YEE, the largest European independent network of environmental youth organisations, but will also contribute to the discussions of the Franco-Russian youth dialogue and shaping the future developments of the climate decision-making processes in both countries. This is your chance to be truly heard by policy-makers in both countries and express your concerns about the climate crisis and political inaction.

On this page, we will include any type of contributions: articles, blog posts, videos, interviews, short statements, opinions, an audio file… you can get as creative as you want!

  • There are only some requirements that you must meet: for articles, please make sure that they are between 500 and 3,000 words;
  • and for videos, they should not be longer than 3 minutes.

It is important that your submissions are fact-based and supported with sources where relevant. Please take into account that they must be related to one of the topics of the project, as mentioned above. Moreover, keep in mind that your contributions should not include political opinions; and last, concerning the language of submissions, we are accepting pieces in French, Russian, and English.

Submit your contributions by emailing Juanan ( until March 2021. We will proofread your contributions on a rolling basis and will send them back to you to get your final approval. After receiving your feedback, it will be ready to appear on the blog and on our social media.

The Franco-Russian Blog is part of the Franco-Russian Dialogue on Climate Change, a project funded by the French Embassy in Russia under the Trianon Dialogue initiative. Read more about the Franco-Russian Dialogue on Climate Change here. 

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