Umbrella hosted a Youth Exchange in Georgia

From 24th Jan to 04 Feb an international youth exchange – Once Green Always Green – was held in Bakuriani, Georgia, on the topic of green habits. During the 10 working days 39 participants from 8 countriesGeorgia, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Turkey, Slovakia, and Armenia, exchanged and improved their green lifestyle.

During the project, participants implemented local action – awareness-raising rally in the Bakuriani village and planned further follow-up actions that they will do once they back to their home countries.

Green habits are very important for the protection of the environment and fighting climate change, as it is we the usual humans who are impacting nature and bring out footprint by everyday life and that is up to us to change it.

At end of the exchange, participants developed various tools including video, poster and put all generated experiences and practices in the booklet. During the next two months, participating organizations have to disseminate the tool among their beneficiaries.

The project is supported by the European Commission within the scope of the Erasmus+ program and implemented by the applicant organization from Portugal AEQUALITAS and hosted by Umbrella.