Umbrella implemented yet another local youth project in Georgia

A new project Together Against Climate Change, has kicked off in Georgia, led by youth organization Umbrella, it considers the two phases, the empowerment youth leaders, youth workers, young representatives from local government and local business, on the topic of participation and climate crisis and local actions.

First phase, the training course, held on 6-13 of March and brought together 23 young people from various regions of Georgia. During the TC, participants improved their competencies on the topic of participation and climate change as well as developed action plans as a follow-up of the project. It is important to explore the power and role of local actors in addressing climate change, as the actions done together could be more effective, rather than acting separately. Participants are already started to implement the follow-ups and involve young people in decision making process on the topic of climate change.

At the end of the project the guidebook of the best practices and cooperation between above-mentioned actors will be carried out and disseminated among other stakeholders. The pilot project is supported by the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe and implemented by Umbrella.