Oceans Project Assistant | Part time

We are looking for a part-time employee to join our secretariat! Could this be the position for you?
Please apply via the form before September 6th 23h59 CEST.

Oceans Project Assistant

We are looking for a project assitant to work with the EU4Ocean Coalition Project Lead and an Ocean Conservation Liaison Office
16 hours per week
  • Assisting the Project Lead in the planning and execution of project milestones (e.g. Youth4Ocean General Assembly) and high-visibility actions;
  • Supporting the implementation of services included in the Young Ocean Advocates programme (mentoring, resources, visibility, capacity-building);
  • Mapping and reaching out to potential new members, experts, and partners;
  • Planning, launching calls and participating in the selection of Young Ocean Advocates, supporting the Project Manager in mapping existing projects and disseminating calls to external partners and networks;
  • Bringing a fresh perspective to the YEE Oceans Team when it comes to strategising innovative ways to bring ocean literacy to different youth communities and groups operating in Europe.

The ideal profile

  • Is familiar with an international working environment, but is also comfortable with being part of a small project team
  • Proactively contributes to project team tasks
  • Undertakes responsibilities and carries out tasks independently
  • Has experience with youth work and stakeholder management
  • Has background knowledge in sustainability and ocean issues
  • Has a general understanding of EU Institutions and Governance
  • Has a creative approach and can come up with innovative solutions
  • Motivated to interact in an international environment with different organisations, institutions, and individuals working from all over the EU
  • Able to work remotely and collaborate with the team under this regime


  • Has experience working with ocean literacy and/or has participated in ocean literacy actions
  • Has previous experience working in a EU Project consortium

About the EU4Ocean Coalition project

The EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy is a EU-funded, bottom-up initiative connecting diverse organisations, projects and people that contribute to ocean literacy and the sustainable management of the ocean. The Coalition aims at enhancing awareness and engagement of all actors involved in the sustainable management of EU waters and seas, while also supporting its members to become agents of change in perception, values, attitudes and behaviour towards sustainable ocean management. Finally, this project will bring ocean literacy high on the policy agenda, contributing to the implementation of EU marine and maritime policies and of SDG 14 (Life Below Water). The Coalition is made up of three communities: the EU4Ocean Platform, the Youth4Ocean Forum and the Network of European Blue Schools.

This project, which is now in its second implementation phase, is funded by the European Commission’s DGMARE and CINEA and works closely with the IOC-UNESCO ocean literacy team. The EU4Ocean Coalition is implemented by a Consortium of 7 Partners across Europe, which includes: ACTeon (coordinator), Seascape Belgium, YEE, Nausicaá-National Sea Centre, Ciência Viva, the European Marine Science Educators Association (EMSEA), and REVOLVE. It is also supported by Euractiv, EuroGOOS, EAZA, JPI Oceans, and European Schoolnet.

Since December 2022, YEE has been leading WP2 of this project, consisting in the coordination, facilitation and animation of the Youth4Ocean Forum – a European network of young ocean leaders and change-makers. The EU4Ocean Forum was created by a group of 40 founding members back in 2020 and is now counting 300+ members and Young Ocean Advocates.

What do we offer?

  • Part-time position of 16 hours per week with the rate of 12 EUR/h according to a 12-months service contract;
  • An inclusive work environment with fun, friendly and passionate colleagues from all corners of Europe;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Remote work or opportunity to work with us in our office in Prague;
  • Possibility to learn and grow very quickly with the opportunity to learn about communications policy-making processes at the national, European and international level;
  • Potential for opportunities to travel during the mandate to cover a YEE event in-person (such as YEE training courses, general assemblies or UN events).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

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Oceans Project Assistant | Part time

Liaison Officers | Volunteering

We are looking for 4 volunteers to join our Advocacy Working Group! Could this be the position for you?
Please apply via the form before September 6th 23h59 CEST.

What is expected of a Liaison Officer?

The Liaison Officer is a volunteer position of one year term (October 2023 – October 2024). All liaison volunteers will report to and be supported by the YEE Advocacy staff (Volunteers Coordinator, Advocacy Coordinator and Project Leads) and the External Relations Officer. While committed to specific and diverse tasks, the volunteer liaison officers will effectively make a team – the Advocacy Working Group – intended to support each other and work with the staff. 

The average time commitment is between 7-10 hours a week, including meetings every two weeks with the External Relations Officer, Volunteers Coordinator, Advocacy Coordinator and Project Leads.

Some of the work tasks expected involve strengthening communication and advocacy with some of our partner organisations as well as creating projects and campaigns of their own.

Who are we looking for?

The Liaison Officer should:

What are the benefits of being a Liaison Officer?

What you can gain from this experience:

Open Positions for the period: October 2023-October 2024

Environmental Law and LitigationLiaison Officer on Environmental Law 

The aim of the Environmental Law Liaison Officer is to help YEE’s work on environmental law and litigation topics and the work on the Aarhus Convention. This person would work closely with the Volunteers Coordinator, the Project Lead and the Project Assistant on environmental law on the Legal Seeds 3 project; and with other Liaison Officers when legal topics are involved, such as with the Oceans and Biodiversity portfolios. The Env. Law Liaison Officer will also work with others on targeted campaigns (e.g. #restorenature) and advocacy initiatives at international and EU level.

A lot of the work would be linked to making environmental law accessible for young people through writing; familiarising with the Aarhus Convention processes and strengthening YEE position there; helping creating partnerships with youth and non youth organisations active in environmental law matters and learning the basics of fundraising. Finally, the volunteer will explore opportunities to promote knowledge and join or launch advocacy campaigns related to the achievement of more stringent legal targets and actions envisaged by the EU Green Deal.

The main topics covered by the environmental law portfolio include the EU Green Deal and its implementation (National Energy & Climate Plans and the FF55); climate litigation; the Aarhus Convention; the Nature Restoration Law and the Right to a Healthy Environment. However, your ideas and interests are of course welcome!

The main tasks will include: 

  • Help our members to engage with our work on environmental law, through liaising and working on our relationship with Member Organisations and partner organisations;
  • Help work with the Project Lead and Project Assistant on Environmental Law on content creation, such as articles and webinars;
  • Support YEE work on the Aarhus Convention processes;
  • Contribute to the general YEE advocacy strategy, such as through participating on behalf of YEE to legal campaigns and external events

YEE Ocean conservation logoLiaison Officer on Ocean Conservation

In the context of the Ocean Conservation portfolio, the Liaison Officer will engage with and consolidate relationships with ocean-related international advocacy campaigns, such as within the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC). They will be able to engage in the dissemination of knowledge to a wide audience, while also getting involved in international collaboration and promotion of youth participation in the Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ) Instrument adopted under the UNCLOS framework. They can, in this context and in the context of other potential issues and international processes, seek active collaboration with existing partners like GYBN and NYBN Oceans group. Exploring involvement in other ocean- and water-related processes and issues is of course a possibility and is open to the Liaison Officer’s expertise, interest, and capacity.

The Liaison Officer will regularly communicate with other portfolios, and especially the Biodiversity, Environmental Governance, and Climate Crisis portfolios, fostering collaborative campaigns and initiatives where thematic priorities intersect. Examples of this are the BBNJ Treaty process, as well as the international negotiations towards the adoption of a legally-binding Plastics Treaty under the auspices of UNEP, addressing the Ocean-Climate nexus under the UNFCCC COP process.

At the EU level, the Liaison Officer will represent YEE as supporting organisation to Surfrider Foundation Europe’s Blue-Up 2024 campaign for EU Parliamentary elections. The volunteer will explore opportunities to promote knowledge and join or launch advocacy campaigns related to the achievement of ocean-related targets and actions envisaged by the EU Green Deal – ranging from the Common Fisheries Policy to the EU Biodiversity Strategy. The LO will also support the implementation of the EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy project.

The main tasks will include:

  • Contribute to the YEE advocacy strategy, by participating in campaigns, liaising with partners, and representing YEE in external events;
  • Create ocean-related content and blog articles to be published by YEE;
  • Represent the YEE network in the Youth4Ocean Forum and EU4Ocean Platform, especially by taking active part in the youth-led initiatives carried out by the Youth4Ocean Forum community;
  • The LO will also contribute to the implementation of the EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy project in accordance with the Oceans Project Lead, supporting the planning of key events and tasks, helping in mapping and liaising with relevant youth networks, initiatives, and youth-led projects in Europe.

YEE Sustainable energy logoLiaison Officer on Sustainable Energy

The Liaison Officer on Sustainable Energy will help to create a stronger basis of Energy knowledge with YEE and to implement and carry out relevant advocacy initiatives and relations on the topic. They will work closely with the Volunteers Coordinator, the Project Lead and the Project Assistant on energy. A great part of the mandate will be to provide support and insights to the Ampower project, the project at YEE dedicated to energy and support the team’s effort to create a knowledge bank on energy transition and the energy crisis.

The Sustainable Energy Liaison Officer would also liaise with other youth and non-youth organisations working on energy-related topics, such as the European Youth Energy Network, the EEB, GCE and CAN-Europe and provide assistance with the teams involvement with UN working groups. The Energy Liaison Officer will also have the possibility to explore opportunities to promote knowledge and join or launch advocacy campaigns related to the increase of sustainable energy targets in the EU. Personal ideas and insights on how to develop the portfolio are more than welcome!

The main tasks will include: 

  • Draft articles on several key points necessary to understand the complexity of energy transition and the ins and outs of the energy crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine.
  • Create a weekly news update on energy matters (Showcasing new interesting projects, new technologies relevant to the energy transition, updates on new national, European and International legislations, and other relevant news).
  • Help our members to engage with our work on energy, through liaising and working on our relationship with Member Organisations and partner organisations;
  • Contribute to the general YEE advocacy strategy, such as through participating on behalf of YEE to energy-related campaigns and external events.

Liaison Officer on Green Finance 

We are excited to say that we also opened a position for a Liaison Officer on Green Finance!

The role of the Liaison Officer 

The Green Finance Liaison will act as a key contact point between YEE and external stakeholders in regards to all matters pertaining to Green Finance. Additionally, during the first phase of the project the volunteer should search for existing projects or work on green finance carried out by other youth organisations with the purpose of increasing capacity on the project and building a coalition of youth organisations active on the topic.

The liaison officer’s main activity will be to provide desktop research to identify important financial actors involved in green finance, in order to monitor financial flows in relation to climate action and energy transitions, with a particular focus on tracking investment banks and their involvement in sustainable initiatives. In cooperation with the communications team, the Liaison Officer will provide regular updates which will be published on social media and on a dedicated page of YEE’s website.

In parallel, the Liaison Officer should keep track of the main policy discussions in the green finance sector and help YEE identify key stakeholders responsible for national, European and International level policy-making to identify where YEE can advocate for further youth involvement.

Finally, throughout the project, and based on the knowledge gathered, the Liaison Officer will create some educational content destined to be shared with YEE’s network as training material.

The main tasks will include

  • In cooperation with the communications team, build a webpage on YEE’s website dedicated to green finance content;
  • Identify meetings, networks and coalitions that currently allow for youth participation;
  • List key stakeholders in international organisations, NGOs and actors of the private sector that are involved in key green investment processes for coalition building; and help YEE advocate for greater youth inclusion in the sector.
  • Engage in desktop research on financial flows in regard to the climate and energy transition.
  • Help in content creation for our social media, such as drafting short posts throughout the project destined to educate our young audience on green finance;

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

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We are looking for Liaison Officers | Volunteering

Call for internal auditors 2023/2024 | Volunteering

Carry out the audit at the YEE office.
Please apply via the form below before 22nd June 2023, 23:59 CEST

Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) is pleased to announce the open call for the Internal Auditors 2023/2024. The internal auditors will be voted in during our General Assembly 2023.

Who are we looking for:

The Internal Audit (IA) is a monitoring organ. The aims of the IA are:

  • • to assess the quality of YEE project implementation;
  • • to evaluate the work of the Board and Secretariat;
  • • to report the above to the Member Organisations (MOs);
  • • to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement to the network.

The IA is conducted once per year. The internal auditors are expected to carry out the audit at the YEE office for 2 full days at least 60 days before the following General Assembly.

Internal Auditors are entitled to receive 100% reimbursement of travel costs (as long as YEE Travel Policy is respected), accommodation, and vegetarian food for the days when the IA is carried out.

Learn more about each position in our Board Members Policy.

How to apply

All interested candidates are invited to fill in the application form including a CV by the 22nd June 2023, 23:59 CEST .

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

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Call for internal auditors 2023/2024 | Volunteering​

Call for board members 2023/2024 | Volunteering

The Board of YEE is the main decision-making body of the network throughout the year.
Please apply via the form below before 28th June 2023, 23:59 CEST

Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) is pleased to announce the open call for the Executive Board 2023/2024. The members of the board will be voted in during ourGeneral Assembly 2023.

Who are we looking for:

The position of a Board Member of YEE is voluntary and remote. All members of the Board assume responsibilities according to the position they take.

The positions are as follows:

  • • Chairperson – governance and chairing of the Board, 
  • • Treasurer – fundraising, External Relations Officer – external partnerships and visibility,
  • • Project Officer – YEE projects,
  • • Communications Officer – YEE newsletter and social media,
  • • Member Organisations Officer – Regional teams and membership management. 
  • • External Relations Officer – Partnerships

Learn more about each position in our Board Members Policy.

What will the position entail:

The Executive Board is responsible for making all the decisions between the Annual Meetings and the implementation of the Work Plan accepted by the General Assembly, together with the Secretariat.

By assuming the position of a Board Member you will

  • • get an excellent opportunity to work in an ambitious multinational team,
  • • get international exposure and hands-on experience in your selected domain.
  • • develop your competencies and acquire a range of skills that will be beneficial for your future,
  • • attain concrete opportunities for your education or career development.

Please take into consideration that the first board meeting will be held online within a week after the General Assembly.

How to apply

All interested candidates are invited to fill in the application form including a CV and nomination letter from any of YEE member organisations by the 22nd June 2023, 23:59 CEST.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

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Call for board members 2023/2024 | Volunteering​

Granting Opportunity

3,000 EUROs for 7 grant projects by youth NGOs aiming to mobilise and empower young people from marginalised communities on a local or national level


Learn more about the project

Share This Opportunity


YEE is excited to announce the opportunity to support 7 grant projects by youth NGOs aiming to mobilise and empower young people from marginalised communities on a local or national level to either:

Application deadline: 31st March 2023

What does the funding include?

The possible format can include:

Activities can include:

For more inspiration, activites can include:
Adapting the physical space to non‐ barriers, creating educational materials for people with visual impairment, building community venues, supporting technological transition and skill‐building, building human capital, 1×1 mentorship programs for young people, developing a small fund for local initiatives carried out by young people with fewer opportunities.

Funding requirements

Eligible countries

Other eligable countries include: Austria,  Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine

At least 10 young people from marginalied communities benefited from the project, with an equitable balance on gender in the composition.

The programme must be run and organised by youth (under the age of 30). The project must run between April 2023 to August 2023 and follow the non-formal education format.

Have questions? Get in touch!


Granting Opportunity | Showcasing the Unheard

S.W.I.T.C.H. networking event in Prague​

Learn about sustainable entrepreneurship and civil societies

Saturday 11 February 2023 from 15.00

The goal of the event is to promote the work done in the SWITCH project, to showcase the work of the nine participants who finished the course and to gather and strengthen the cooperation of organisations, civil society organisations, movements and party-political organisations, as well as participants who are interested in this topic.


After the presentation from participants of the SWITCH project, we will be holding an excellent opportunity to network with NGOs in Prague, and people interested in sustainability. In an ‘organisation fair format’, you will have the chance to represent your organisation, the work you do, upcoming opportunities, or any other thing you wish.

15:00 – 16:10 Getting to know each other & introduction to the SWITCH project
16:10 – 16:30 Break
16:30 – 17:30 Organisations Fair in Prague
17:30 – 19:00 Cocktail & Networking

What is the Organisations’ fair?

In an ‘organisation fair format’, you will have the chance to meet different NGOs and civil societies, learn about their work, and upcoming opportunities, or how could you get involved.

Organisations that confirmed their attendance:

🟡 YEE (the organiser)
🟡 The Green Project (S.W.I.T.C.H. alumni)
🟡 Tiimiakatemia
🟡 Ekokul z.s.
🟡 Volt Czechia
🟡 42 Prague
🟡 Genesis
🟡 Oikos International
🟡 Uniting Bridge SNGO
🟡 ESN Czechia

What is the SWITCH project?

SWITCH stands for Sustainability & Waste: Innovation, Training and Community Hub. During the training, participants developed a sustainable business project from scratch, together with the support of YEE and the rest of the participants, becoming part of a like-minded international community.

Practical information

  • When

    Saturday 11 February 2023, from 15.00

  • Where

    In the Green Innovation Academy, located in Vinohradská 2577/178, ground floor 130 00, Prague 3 – Vinohrady

  • How

    Register your interest


If you have any questions,

feel free to contact the project coordinator Lucía at lucia@yeenet.eu or via the form below.

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SWITCH Networking event in Prague

Call for Organisational training

We believe that the representation of diverse voices in the environmental youth movement is the key to good policymaking. (Under)representation of young people from rural communities, minorities and vulnerable groups affects the design, implementation and effectiveness of policies. Facing the climate emergency, we want to make sure that those who feel its consequences the most have space in decision-making and know that their voice matters. With this project, we want to engage with young people locally, while empowering and connecting youth internationally.

Online Training to Central and Eastern Europe (youth-led NGOs or youth groups in Central and Eastern Europe with priority towards Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania) with access to a facility/venue to work with marginalised youth on the local level; already working with marginalized communities with limited capacity/knowledge, or with a strategy/ strong vision for working with marginalized communities, able to assign at least one employee/volunteer to participate in the training course and lead the sub-granted project.

This training is for you if:

🟡 You are between the ages of 16 – 30

🟡 Your organisation is from Central or Eastern Europe
🟡  You want to extend your capacity in terms of working with marginalised communities
🟡  You believe in diversity and inclusion and you would like to do something to make your local community more inclusive and environmentally aware.

🟡  You are already working or plan to work with marginalised communities and are searching for support or guidance in your efforts.

At the training, you will:

🟣 Discuss the different types of disadvantaged communities present in our local regions that can be target groups for future projects and cooperation

🟣 Work together to understand how to better integrate disadvantaged communities in the decision making process of projects as well as how to shape projects and events around their needs

🟣 Develop your understanding of the importance of integration and environmental activism
🟣 Discuss possible project topics, structure, dead-lines, and future sub-granting availability.

After the training:

Participants of the training course will get an opportunity to apply for a sub-grant to develop the capacity of their organisation to work with young people with fewer opportunities.

Practical information

  • When

    1st February 2023 and 3rd February 2023

  • Where


  • How

    Register your interest before 28th January

This training course is part of the Showcasing the Unheard project.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

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Call for Organisational training | Showcasing the Unheard