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With the war in Ukraine, Europe is facing an unprecedented energy crisis which puts the security of supply at the centre of all discussions. This project aims to give European youth tools to ensure the political response is in line with the climate objectives and does not shift away from our ambitions to ensure a fair transition towards low-carbon energy. 

Main topics of discussion:

Who is the project for?

The project is focused on a set of countries which have been unevenly affected by the crisis due to different levels of dependency on Russian gas. On the one hand, we focus on Germany, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, as they are among the most impacted states in terms of loss of GDP and inflation rate. On the other hand, we look at  Denmark and Finland as examples of countries which successfully reduced their dependency on Russian gas through two very different approaches. 

The project specifically aims to reach out to young people in these countries, through an extension of the YEE’s network, to create workshops and training related to just fair transition and fossil fuels phase-out. By providing a platform of exchange and training we aim to accompany the European youth in the creation of a political momentum at the national level demanding the end of fossil fuels and a transition towards low-carbon energy while ensuring the protection of the most vulnerable populations. Through this project, we aim to give voice to youth from different European countries and accelerate their role in the just transition in times of crisis.


Enhancing capacity building by bringing together groups of young people and familiarising them with the current developments on the energy field and the concept of just transition

Increasing awareness on how to influence decision-making processes in the energy sector, how to lobby energy policy at both local and international levels

Creating a network of youth energy actors and establish partnerships with other NGOs engaged in similar activities and exploring the best practices of collaboration towards the energy transition in the middle of the energy crisis

Advocating the role of youth in the management of the energy crisis by representing the network in the relevant international and European events and conferences

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